Buyers Guide


Benefits of Buying through us 

  1. Buy with confidence from an industry professional  
  2. Extensive boating knowledge across sail and power
  3. Honest and impartial advice 
  4. Boat finder service – let us find the right boat for you   




Finding the Right Boat

There are many factors to consider when buying a boat, they will be some compromise but you need to focus on what is most important to you.  


Domestic Requirements

Who is going to be using the boat and if people are likely to be sleeping on board, how many berths do you need.  Creature comforts, basic things like a hot/cold pressurised water, heating, etc, are important considerations if mutiny is to be avoided.  



Where are your planning on keeping the boat, drying or deep water mooring, marina pontoon berth or swinging mooring, the list goes on.  It really goes without saying that the boat needs to be suitable for berth.    



Most of us need to work to some kind of budget, it’s not just buying the boat, it’s the mooring charges and on-going maintenance. We can talk through costs and point you in the right direction to get the answers you need.


Cruising Aspirations

Although we all want a boat that can cross oceans, if you are mainly sailing around the Solent you will have to compromise performance and space.  The French coast is great cruising and not that far especially in a motor boat. The channel can be a benign place in good weather and we can go through the range of different boats.



Whether you are racing around the cans or not, boat performance is important as most of us are trying to catch to boat in front or not wanting to be last sailing with friends.  I recently went through polar diagrams with a client when he was choosing a shoal or deep fin, I can interpret this all for you.


Realistic Expectations

It is a reality that marine environment and their owners can take its toll on a boat, through scrapes on the side to surface corrosion in the engine compartment.  Unfortunately, some people think that a 10 year old boat is going to be as new, unfortunately, they are not.  As a surveyor I can take you through any issue a boat may have and best advise you of a solution.